Quality, planning and design Made In Italy

A new but strong company of twenty years of experience of its founders in the beauty and aesthetic medicine sector. This is why we at Wavemed know all the secrets to improve people's appearance and well-being.

Research, innovation and a company-wide design are the ingredients we have chosen to work on the Wavemed project.

An avant-garde technology, studied in detail and born from a precise challenge: to offer our customers top quality, at competitive prices.

It is an ambitious design that we carry out by putting research to the full service of the product, in order to maximize performance and minimize production costs.

Research and High Innovation

We study ad hoc solutions for each individual component, so that it dialogues perfectly with all the others.

All the hardware and electronic elements are designed by Wavemed, specifically made and optimized to work best.

Thus a complex but harmonious system is born where the care of every detail contributes to its excellent performance.

Completely Italian from technique to design, with the modular system the world of beauty finds an exceptional new tool, competitive and cutting edge. Quality, design and design made in Italy, a guarantee for the world market.