The Modular System plans ahead

More than one cavitation: Wavemed goes even further.
Thanks to two different energy releasing methods, continuous and pulsed, the Modular System can address body fat issues more comprehensively. A continuous mode treatment will be followed by a pulsed mode treatment, which prepares the body for the lymphatic drainage massage at the end of each session, to help drain excess liquids. This way results will be more immediate and will last longer.

More handpieces for safer treatments

Equipped with two handpieces, one concave and one flat, it allows concentrating the effects of the treatment at different depths. In the most delicate areas of the body and near the vital organs, it is sufficient to lift the fat fold and use the concave handpiece to convey the energy to a more superficial level, and you will be sure to work safely.

Guaranteed effectiveness

For an always safe and effective streamlining, Wavemed has set up the SCC Save Calibration Control, the self-calibration system of the handpiece. The machine constantly monitors the ultrasound frequencies supplied, ensuring the correct values for a safe cavitational effect.
So you can be sure that the machine always works at the customer's service to get the maximum benefits and results.

Immediately ready for use

Designed for operator comfort, the Dcs Detection control system automatically recognizes the handpiece. In this way also installing a system equipped with several accessories becomes simple and fast, because you can insert the different connectors in any of the available outputs. And Modula recognizes them for you.

The only synergy tailored to the customer

Synergy is something new with Modula. Thanks to the vertical communication between the modules, combining the action of cavitation with that of radiofrequency on the same handpiece, for the first time you can add the benefits of the two technologies, without renouncing to manage the individual parameters. Even working in synergy, in fact, you can dose the amount of energy to be used in the RF and choose the depth of the cavitational effect. Mixing a specific lifting action with a more or less intense toning, you will obtain the most effective treatment for the client from time to time.