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Modula Carbiox

Thanks to an innovative and highly advanced technology, Modula Carbiox becomes Hyperpulsed, placing it among the most complete and effective methods on the market, designed in every detail for maximum customer satisfaction.

The innovative method of gas delivery, developed by Wavemed torelieve pain , makes each treatment completely comfortable for the patient , with high and low flow delivery, continuously controlled by anadvanced management system that regulates the effective insufflation of CO2 into the tissues.

A therapy particularly indicated for the treatment of:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Lymphatic stasis
  • Psoriasis
  • Diabetogenic and atherosclerotic arterial disease
  • Arterial ischemic ulcers
  • Venous dystrophic ulcers
  • Edemato-fibro-sclerotic pannicolopatia (PEFS) in different developmental stages
  • Acute and chronic rheumatisms
  • Acute and chronic periarthritis

The most complete on the market

In a single module, the new Modula Carbiox offers you all the possibilities on the market, ensuring highly specific and customizable protocols for numerous medical applications. There double delivery allows you to work with both carbon dioxide and oxygen and to have a total of seven different treatments , thus having a complete instrument designed for maximum customer satisfaction.

Maximum effectiveness, zero discomfort

An advanced flow management system with modulated delivery controls and regulates the effective insufflation of CO2 into the tissues, ensuring reliable and pain-free treatments in the new SOFT mode.

Three soft modes

Preset programs and new built-in features make the clinician’s job easier, assisting them throughout the treatment:
3 different delivery modes that can be activated to inhibit the pain receptors, working at different frequencies in each patient, being carefully adapted to specific needs.

Safety and quality made in Italy

No risk of finding air in the tube before each use, thanks to the exclusive DEGASS option which prevents its formation and frees the system from impurities at every start-up, allowing the doctor to work in maximum safety and fully exploit the enormous potential of the new patented Modula Carbiox technology, completely Italian in every phase of production from technique to design.

Modularity and convenience

If you choose Modula, you always have an extra chance. Its modular concept allows you to combine several technologies to multiply the results. In the case of PEFS treatment, for example, you can combine the benefits of carboxytherapy with the lifting effect of radiofrequency or the toning action of the cavitazion. And you can offer your patients more complete and convenient packages.

All parameters under control

With TVC Total Volume Control, the volume of gas and its flow are clearly visible in real time on Modula’s user-friendly interface and you can constantly monitor all the parameters of the treatment.

For your comfort

Wavemed has designed every detail to keep you working at your best. You can easily attach the supplied bottle holder to the trolley and thus eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

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