Acne, noticeable scars and expression lines


Modula FLE

The new biophotonictherapy that converts light energy to stimulate the skin at the cellular level, thus combating the causes and signs of numerous inflammatory pathologies.
As in natural photosynthesis, the light waves generated by a multi-LED lamp interact with a patented photoconverting gel, stimulating the skin’s repair mechanisms and improving its appearance. A technology, therefore, ideal for its multiple uses in aesthetic medicine.
All performed in a totally pleasant and comfortable treatment for the patient, with high effectiveness that lasts over time and with minimal or no downtime.

Dermatology under a different light

A fluorescent, pulsating and dynamic light is the real novelty in the field of dermatology, thanks to its in-depth action that stimulates cellular function producing surprising and long-lasting clinical effects.
Directed on the skin and associated to a photoconverting gel, this non-coherent blue light is particularly indicated for the treatment of wounds and scars, anti-inflammatory responses and treatment of Acne, due to its incredibly selective cytotoxic effect on bacteria.

Adjustable and customizable

With the innovative OPEN MODE, treatment management has never been easier: from LED intensity to therapeutic times, every parameter can be conveniently adjusted and adapted to the individual needs of both the patient and the doctor, who will thus be able to offer a highly personalized treatment.

Cutting-edge technology

A high-intensity multi-LED lamp and a wide range of preset treatments rank FLE among the most effective technologies of the latest generation, particularly indicated for the reduction of acne and inflammatory diseases, wrinkles and pore size, as well as for a natural skin rejuvenation.

Modular and versatile

Fle is part of the MODULA family, the innovative modular system by Wavemed: it is possible to integrate and configure it with other technologies, allowing the doctor to offer his patients more and more complete and updated packages based on consolidated clinical studies.

Sui generis cart

Designed in Wavemed laboratories to facilitate the transport of technology within the doctor’s office, the original Fle trolley is unique in its kind, thanks to an integrated arm to support the lamp that allows it to adapt to any area of the body and position of the patient, even inpatient.

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