diode laser

The revolution of definitive epilation

diode laser

Modula LD

Various power levels allow it to be one of the fastest on the market with 12 pulses per second and 10 million minimum pulses guaranteed for truly enviable quality and convenience.
The secret of its compactness is in the cooling technology with the gas chiller that cools the water and keeps the laser bars at an ideal temperature to protect the efficiency of the device and optimize its longevity.
Peltier cells are also integrated on the crystal ensuring a safe and comfortable treatment for the patient. A high-performance technology and incredibly light, so as to be transported effortlessly in the office thanks to a special trolley.
The real novelty, however, is the Oled display integrated on the handpiece, designed to make the execution of treatment easier. The entire technology is developed to facilitate the work of the specialist, who can also select preset treatments for each phototype on a truly intuitive graphical interface.

100% reliable diode laser

Modula has chosen the best of everything. The quality of the made-in-Italy engineering and design is combined here with the solidity and precision of a state-of-the-art German laser diode.

3in1 - EVO3

From the desire to overcome the obvious limits of the alternatives to single wavelength, comes the new solution for permanent hair removal: Evo-3. Thanks to the synergy of 3 different wavelengths (808-760-1064 nm) combined in a single ergonomic and lightweight handpiece, it is now possible to permanently remove unwanted hair on any skin type, with maximum safety, effectiveness and speed.

Maximum power in minimum dimensions

The secret of its compactness lies in the Hpc High power cooling technology. It makes use of a latest generation chiller system, which surpasses the most cumbersome technology of the past, and is able to quickly dissipate the heat produced by the high power of the diode. And thanks to a careful design all oriented to the performance, the power becomes functional to the reduction of the dimensions.

Controls at your fingertips

The real novelty of the Modula diode laser is the Oled display integrated on the handpiece, designed to make treatment execution easier. While you work, you can conveniently monitor the energy, pulse duration and frequency values without wasting time, changing them directly from the handpiece monitor.

Easy to use

Six programmed treatment profiles, one for each phototype, make things easier for less experienced operators, who can set up the machine by simply selecting the right icon on the monitor.

The laser that doesn't burn the skin

Skin comfort is ensured by the SCS Skin Cooling System, which cools the skin and avoids discomfort due to high temperatures.

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