90% more efficient than any other laser


Modula Liquid

For permanent hair removal in a very short time, trust LFP: Wavemed’s revolutionary laser that, through the new optical fiber, guarantees a better conduction of the light signal and an optimal performance in record clinical times.
The uniform distribution of energy, thanks to liquid crystals of the latest generation, improves the penetration in the follicle area, eliminating the hair permanently.
An innovative and extremely advantageous technology: the higher number of pulses, together with lower service and maintenance costs than any diode, make it one of the most advanced and powerful lasers on the market to treat any phototype and type of hair with minimum time and maximum results.

The 10 times more efficient laser

LFP, Liquid Fiber Pro, is the innovative laser device that exploits the advantages of liquid fiber optic transmission for fast, precise and long-lasting hair removal as never before, proving to be more efficient than any diode laser on the market.

Power and precision

Thanks to special anti-reflective lenses, laser refraction is completely absent, so the energy generated by the diode is concentrated and transmitted directly from the fiber to the hair, for truly flawless hair removal.

Modulate your technology

If you already have Wavemed laser technology, you can easily upgrade to a new fiber technology. The laser source is located inside the power module and no longer in the handpiece, to ensure better maintenance, being less exposed to accidental falls or external agents, and an enviable convenience, thanks to a much lighter applicator.

Reduced times and costs

Maximum energy efficiency also ranks LFP among the fastest lasers on the market, guaranteeing amazing clinical results in record time
Minimal running and maintenance costs, with parts repairable on-site, make it an absolute must-have for professionals.

Total comfort

Thanks to the new CONTACT COOLING system, each session is totally painless and comfortable for the patient, who can immediately notice the extraordinary results of a precise and uniform hair removal on the entire surface of the treated skin.

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