A new frontier



It is a portable ozone generator, for the treatment of air and surfaces in non-sterile areas. The generator sucks the air to be treated from the surrounding environment and expels the ozone produced.

The systemeliminates in a short time all the bacterial charges present, restoring an uncontaminated environment, inactivating viruses and limiting unpleasant odors from the environment and from horizontal and vertical surfaces, including furniture and furnishings, penetrating deep into all tissues.
Ozone enters air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts and all drains destroying all microorganism.

A new frontier

Of all the disinfectants in the world, ozone is the best to eliminate germs and bacteria.
Its high oxidizing power makes it an effective sanitizer and anti-odor, stronger even than traditional chemical detergents.
It is 100% natural, ecological and economical.

Against viruses and bacteria

Thanks to its properties, ozone (O3) inactivates viruses in addition to eliminating 99.00% of bacteria, mold, fungi, pollen and mites.

Repels insects

It is an excellent natural repellent against flies, mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, moths and small rodents.

All natural

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas composed of three oxygen atoms and is converted back into oxygen in a short time.

7" Touch Screen

Wavemed’s OZ is equipped with a large 7-inch color LCD screen with touch technology.
With a simple touch on the screen and navigating through the easy and intuitive menu you can access every single function of this innovative and powerful sanitizer.

Room mapping

Wavemed’s OZ is the only machine on the market that can calculate the actual amount of ozone needed for each environment.
This innovative sanitizer is able to accurately measure the cubic meters of the room in which it is used, thus emitting only the ozone needed for a thorough sanitation.

Accurate reports

Wavemed’s OZ is able to generate a comprehensive report to certify the successful sanitization of the environment.

The device records on file or in its internal memory: date, time, treated environment and amount of ozone reached with sanitization.
The report can then be sent to smartphones or other devices via wireless or thanks to the integrated USB port.

Ozone sensor

Wavemed’s OZ is equipped with a sensor that measures the actual amount of ozone generated.
The sensor measures particles per million (PPM), so you can always be sure of proper sanitation and be certain that viruses or bacteria have been eliminated.

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