Non-invasive plasma



Is the scalpel too invasive and the use of the laser in some cases unsuitable or difficult? From today, non-invasive aesthetic medicine can count on a protagonist of the latest generation: PIXI.
The innovative tool that uses the plasma technology to restore tone to the tissues and offer a valid alternative to numerous surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty, face and neck lifting and skin neoformations .
Exploiting the principle of ionization of gases present in the air, Pixi generates a small electric arc with which the dermal and epidermal areas can be treated selectively, without irradiation and without transferring excessive heat to the subcutaneous and surrounding areas.
One device that is easy to handle and highly technological , thanks to its wireless charging system and a touch screen display with intelligent software that offers the professionals a wide range of preset treatments to facilitate their work and perfect clinical results compared to traditional surgery.

The non-invasive plasma

The most comfortable and ergonomic solution that uses the fourth stage of matter, plasma, to perform all non-ablative surgery with minimum invasiveness and maximum results.

Wireless charging

Inspired by the latest mobile devices, Pixi has a wireless charging system with lithium battery, which significantly reduces charging times and eliminates the risk of accidents from contact with liquid substances as can happen with traditional connectors.

Immediate benefits

Compared to traditional surgeries, Pixi provides immediate results that the patient can enjoy from the first session, with reduced recovery time from any electro or laser-medical instrument and minimized risk of side effects.

The safest

A light and handy instrument that, thanks to a constant emission of the output signal and a meticulous calibration, does not cause any damage to the subcutaneous tissue. Its highly selective action causes the sublimation of only the most superficial layer of the skin, without involving the underlying tissues.

Two modes, multiple uses

The convenient LED display integrated on the device allows you to select both the power level and two different plasma emission modes: pulsed and continuous, to adapt each treatment to the specific needs of each patient and act on a wide variety of skin imperfections and blemishes.

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