Wavemed technologies have the CE marking issued by Tuv-Reinhald: class llb medical devices.



Thanks to an innovative highly avant-garde technology, ModMed Carbiox becomes Hyperpulsed, placing itself among the most complete and effective methods on the market, designed in every detail for maximum customer satisfaction.


Modula EP

Created to best combat imperfections and signs of aging, through a particular wave of electric current, ModMed EP allows the active ingredients of cosmetic products to penetrate and be absorbed into the dermis.


Modula CV

An established technology created to melt fat. The possibility to choose between two handpieces, one concave and the other flat, allows you to direct the effects of the treatment at different depths.


Modula RF

This is the secret of solid, reliable and effective technology, entirely designed in Italy. Three different ways of delivering energy allow you to always work in a targeted way.

Diode laser

Modula LD

Six programmed treatment profiles, one for each phototype, make things easier for less experienced operators, who can set the machine simply by selecting the right icon on the monitor.

Pulsed Light

Modula IPL

Following the logic of practicality and minimum bulk, Modula IPL adopts the solution of interchangeable filters, capable of concentrating the technology of six different treatments in one handpiece.

Fiber laser


For definitive hair removal in a very short time entrusted to LFP: Wavemed’s revolutionary laser which, through the new optical fiber, guarantees better conduction of the light signal and optimal performance in truly record clinical times.


Modula FLE

The new biophotonic therapy that converts light energy to stimulate the skin at the cellular level, thus counteracting the causes and signs of numerous inflammatory diseases.

Tecar therapy


Tecamed’s goal is to interact with both hard and soft tissues through a natural biostimulation, resulting in a controlled “thermal effect” due to the increase in the temperature of the dermis.

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Is the scalpel too invasive and the use of the laser in some cases not suitable or difficult?
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