About Us

Wavemed immediately becomes a real
360-degree point of reference for doctors and specialists in the
aesthetic sector.

Born from the idea of combining the quality of Made in Italy
to the needs of a constantly evolving market,
Wavemed immediately became a real point
of reference for doctors and specialists in the
field of aesthetics.

The company’s goal is to offer expertise and
cutting-edge solutions to all beauty professionals
who want for their customers only the best
in terms of safety, effectiveness and results.

Thanks to a highly specialized team which works
constantly and passionately close
contact with the professional, these solutions are
designed, developed and produced entirely within
the company that, to date, can boast a wide range
of products to meet every single

From the continuous multi-disciplinary confrontation,
are born Wavemed technologies, symbol of an all-Italian
reality, which has been able to establish itself at international level
thanks to a meticulous attention to detail, in full
compliance with ISO 13485 quality standards, which
attests unparalleled efficiency and quality.