Laser Diode

100% reliable Diode Laser

Modula has chosen the best of everything. The quality of Italian design and design is combined in this case with the solidity and precision of a latest-generation German laser diode.

Two in one

MODULA LD doubles with the 808nm wavelength for painless and guaranteed epilation and the 760nm wavelength with all the characteristics of Alexandria and all the benefits of diode technology.

Maximum power in the smallest space

The secret of its compactness is in the Hpc High power cooling technology. It uses a latest generation chiller system, which overcomes the most cumbersome past technology, and is able to quickly dissipate the heat produced by the high power of the diode. And here, thanks to careful design, all geared to performance, power becomes functional in reducing dimensions.

Controls at handpiece range

The real innovation of the Modula diode laser is the integrated OLED display on the handpiece, designed to make treatment easier. As you work, you can monitor energy, pulse duration and frequency values comfortably and without time wasting, modifying them directly from the handpiece monitor.

Easy to use

Six programmed treatment profiles, one for phototype, make things easier for less experienced operators, who can set the machine simply by selecting the right icon on the monitor.

The laser that does not burn the skin

The comfort of the skin is ensured by the SCS Skin Cooling System, which cools the skin and avoids the hassles caused by high temperatures.