Pulsed Light

Merciless against hair, gentle to skin

With the Modular System, hair removal is painless and more effective
The double cooling system maximizes performance with the client’s comfort in mind.

The efficient water system replaces the obsolete air system, allowing for higher energy levels (35 j/cm2) and acting more aggressively on hair and skin marks.

Instead, the Skin Cooling System (SCS), operating by contact, cools the skin and prevents irritations and rashes.

Clients’ safety is paramount.

This is why Wavemed has introduced the Filter Check Control (FCC) system, a device that blocks the treatment if a filter has not been entered, to avoid accidents and skin damage.

Personalised treatments for all kinds of skin

With one simple move you can personalise and fine-tune treatments to your client's needs. Thanks to the innovative Photo Derma Chrome (PDC) technology, a photographic sensor on the applicator registers the exact temperature of the skin and the system automatically selects the most suitable programme.

Six treatments in one applicator

Designed to be practical and save space, the Modular System adopts the interchangeable filters solution, which allows to include the technology of six different treatments in the same applicator. By selectively cutting the broad-spectrum light beam, the device obtains different wave lengths suitable for different specific treatments: from hair removal to skin rejuvenation, from acne to vascular treatments.

XL Spot size

Additionally, the XL spot on the applicator allows to target a large area (6 cm2), reducing session times and costs and improving customer satisfaction