Radio Frequency

The only device on the market powered by 300 watt

The Modular System RF reaches immediately the right temperature for the treatment (41) and ensures excellent results. This is the secret of solid, reliable and effective technology developed in Italy.

Three steps to rejuvenating

Three different ways of delivering energy allow you to target specific imperfections to improve face and body skin tone and elasticity.
In addition to body treatments that act on the surface of the skin, using bipolar technology, and on deeper tissues, using monopolar technology, for the most delicate parts of the body, fractionated technology acts specifically and directly on single imperfections

No downsides to effectiveness

For effective and painless treatments, the Modular System has created Auto Temperature Control (ATC). A sensor fitted in all applicators automatically measures the temperature of the treated area and displays it on screen. This way you can monitor the client’s skin temperature and comfort at all times. But this is not all. If you prefer to work in automatic mode, you can set a maximum temperature and your client’s skin will always be safe.

Two results in one move

By combining technologies, you can offer the benefits of two treatments with one applicator. Radio Frequency can be combined with the slimming effect of cavitation or acoustic wave therapy, cutting costs by half and doubling the treatment's effectiveness

Complete, simple and practical

Thanks to the Detection Control System (DCS) you can change applicator without looking and put it in the panel on the back. Venus will recognise it automatically; switching between fractioned and
bipolar RF treatments within the same session becomes quick and effortless.